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Thank you for your interest in our company and our Safety and Compliance services. Truck Safety Consulting believes in transparent pricing for all of our services, and is proud to place them in plain view on our web site. If there is a service that you need help with, that you do not see listed here, please feel free to contact us for assistance. This information is not intended to be a complete list of all services offered, but represents our most popular.

Thank you again for taking the time to review our company, and we hope to hear from you soon.

For more information on these or other services not listed, please contact us.

Description  Rate
Application for Operating Authority- Click here for details.  $  895.00
Same day Operating Authority Certficate  $    30.00
New Entrant – Prepare for New Entrant Audit  $  250.00
BOC-3 Process Agents Filing with FMCSA  $    50.00
New Driver File – Includes PSP and MVR  $    75.00
Drug Testing @ Preferred Network location  $    64.00
Drug testing at out of network location  $    84.00
BAT testing @ Preferred Network Location –  $    50.00
IFTA State Application  $    30.00
KYU Application Filing  $    25.00
NM WDT Application Filing + State Permit Fee  $    35.00
NY HUT application filing (+ $3 per truck state permit fee)  $    40.00
Quarterly IFTA filing (includes state filings if needed)  $    80.00
State Mileage Filings (Per State w/out IFTA filing)  $    15.00
2290 Report (1 truck) –  $    15.00
2290 Report for 2-24 trucks  $    35.00
2290 Report 25 or more trucks  $    90.00
Haz-Mat Permit Filing – Plus any state or federal fees due  $  150.00
Application for FEIN and LLC + State Filing Fees  $    150.00
Address change with DOT and FMCSA (Includes BOC-3 Re-File)  $  125.00
Name Change – Includes BOC3 Re-Filing  $  325.00
Authority Reinstatement Application (Includes Federal Fee and BOC-3)  $  225.00
Dispute D.O.T. violation on the FMCSA DataQ system  $    49.00
Intrastate Authority Application (+ State Application Fees)  $  125.00
Requested MVR – Varies by state. Contact us for pricing  $           –
SCAC Code Application and Filing – Requires Annual Renewal  $    150.00
Annual UCR Filing  $    25.00
On Site at Client Location – Contact us for pricing  $           –
Hourly charges  $    125.00
Voluntary revocation of authority (Includes cancelling state accounts)  $  199.00

We believe in communicating directly with our clients, so we do not offer an online “Shopping Cart”. Please contact us for further information or assistance.

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