About Us

Truck2Founded by a former driver and fleet owner with over 20 years and 2 million miles of safe driving experience, Truck Safety Consulting was organized in 2003 with the mission of assisting small to medium sized trucking companies understanding of the the complex and ever changing world of FMCSA Regulations.

Located in the far Northwest corner of Ohio, our client base currently reaches NATIONWIDE, with the in house ability to service carriers from all locations throughout the United States.

We believe that all carriers, regardless of size or location, should have access to a Professional and Experienced Safety and Compliance Department just like the largest of the trucking companies, as everyone has to follow the same Federal Regulations. Our systems and services allow this by providing the quality and caliber of safety professional without the overhead expenses of having this person on your payroll.
Truck Safety Consulting will never ask you to sign or enter into any long term contracts. All of our services are provided on a month to month basis, and you will ever only be billed for services that you actually request and that you actually receive. NO HIDDEN FEES EVER.

Truck Safety Consulting is an organization that prides itself on communication and honesty. If you are ever unhappy in any way with any of the services received, you are always welcome and encouraged to contact the owner directly to resolve the issue to your expectations.