2017 is almost 1/2 over … where did the time go?

2017 has already seen many changes since the inauguration of our new President (No, we will not get into politics here).


Many of our clients have expressed varied feelings regarding the use of E-logs and if they will actually be implemented in December of this year as now mandated. Many people believed that the new president would void the mandate, however he, along with his new heads of the D.O.T. and F.M.C.S.A. have all said that they implementation date of December 18, 2017 will stand. And the Supreme Court is also upholding this mandate. So, all of us here at Carrier Consultant Group encourage ALL of you to begin searching for the system that will work best with your individual company. Remember, we are here to help you make this decision if you need us.

Effective June 30th, 2017, Carrier Consultant Group is no longer auditing any paper logs as stated in a letter to our clients in March. We will instead be focusing our time on assisting with transitions to E-Logs.

Road Check 2017

The annual nationwide Road Check has come and gone. As our office has only heard from one client about an inspection (A CLEAN LEVEL I), we must assume that all of our clients came through this 72 hour blitz unscathed. And for that, we congratulate all of you for taking Safety and Compliance Seriously!!

2290 HVUT Filings

July 1st marks the first day to begin filing the annual 2290 HVUT. This tax must be filed and paid no later than August 31st to avoid any interest and penalty being added by the IRS. We are always happy to make these filings on your behalf, whether you are a regular client or not. Contact our office for more details and pricing.

2017 Q2 IFTA

Second quarter IFTA is due to be filed and paid no later than July 31st. Any companies wishing for us to file their IFTA on their behalf must have all miles and fuel into our office by July 14th to ensure on time filing. Anyone getting information to us after that date will not be guaranteed of having their IFTA filed on time and avoiding penalty and interest being added.

REMEMBER: You must file IFTA / NYHUT / NMEDT / KYU / OR even if you have NO MILES in these states IF YOU HAVE A PERMIT. There are heavy fines and penalties assessed if you do not file on time. Please contact us if you have any questions.